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We might be small but we have a fully equipped gym with everything you need to maximize your gym experience including STARTRAC equipment from the USA, Intense treadmills, steppers, bikes and all your usual weight machines are here. Please note we are not a powerlifting, bodybuilding or CrossFit gym as our dumbbells only go up to 25kg! Although we do have an Olympic bench press and a Smith Machine with a few hundred kg of weight to keep the big boys entertained. 



The heart of what we do! We have been the 1st gym in Bali offering a wide range of the famous and best Les Mills group classes. Even if there are now plenty of other places where you can find them, we try to be always a step ahead. For the most popular class Body Pump we are the only one using now the Smart Tech equipment specially developed by Les Mills for its classes. Our group classes are taken place in a large bright very well airconditioned studio. Any kind of fitness activity, cardio, strength-toning or body-mind  are covered by our Group fitness programs. Come and join a class and see why everyone loves Bali Fitness Seminyak.


Cycling is nowadays one of the most popular indoor sport activities. We offer you the most intense biking experience in Bali. The dark ambiance of our studio combined with a colorful lightshow and the rhythm of loud motivating music drives you permanently to your limits. The Stages bikes with quick gear change, recommended by Les Mills, and our well trained instructors will insure that every minute of your cycling is delightful. You can enjoy the worldwide famous LES MILLS RPM classes or our exclusively designed freestyle, high intensity, fun classes - Rhythm Cycle.


Our qualified team of personal trainers are on hand to help out at any time. They will customise a program for you and are specialists in designing programs to boost strength, improve cardiovascular health, for weight loss/gain, sport-specific training or to improve your flexibility. 

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